Last updated 22 July 2013

The Eight edition is out from Fantasy Flight Games!

The current design has 4 double-sided boards (one side different from the original), and 160+ full-color cards, 4 character miniatures, and well-explained full-color rules! A deluxe edition like no other Wiz-War.

Wiz-War 8th Ed.

Wiz-War is a card and board game of battling wizards and stolen treasures! Each wizard starts with 2 treasures in his sector and 7 cards which represent spells he or she can cast as the game progresses. As the Wizards use spells against each other, they replenish their "spell hand" with fresh spells from the deck of cards. Eventually one Wizard will move into other player's sectors and steal away the two treasures needed to win the game, taking advantage of his or her spells to perform such actions as becoming invisible, turning to mist, creating walls, casting fireballs, making thorn bushes, forcing other players to drop objects, along with numerous other actions available in the deck of cards. Wizards have a chance to draw from over 90 different types of cards as they combat one another (possibly to the death).

Components: 4 game boards, 4 wizards, lots of cardboard tokens, 160+ cards, rule booklet, and treasure tokens!

Number of players: 2-4 for the basic set.

Price: $49.95. Check out our order page.

Wiz-War, Expansion Sets

These may feature Monsters, Magic Sticks, and Artifacts, along with lots of other new spells. The expansion sets will not be immediately available for the 8th edition, but you can certainly bet that some will be printed.

Lists of Cards

Other people have created cards for Wiz-War, and we encourage people to experiment with card ideas for Wiz-War. Game Cabinet has a number of card lists for Wiz-War that they've posted. Board Game Geek also has a lot of good WW info for both old and new versions of Wiz-War.

There are also some card variants at: Wiz-War Card Variants.

You can find a lot of other information at the Wiz-War web site at Go take a peek; Wiz-War, the Web site..

Wiz-War card design credit for the original Wiz-War can be found here!

Thanks to all the great folks who helped design cards for this game!